Villas for Sale in Lugo (Province)

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Villas in Lugo
425,000 €

Villa for sale in Chantada (Lugo)

5 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Plot 17,060 m2 | Built 968 m2 | Furnished | Garage

Beautiful Mansion alongside the Camino Jacobea. This lovely property surrounded by majestic chestnut trees that create a distinctive entrance, this unique property offers both a charming home and business potential due to its proximity to...

Villas in Lugo
475,000 €

Villa for sale in Vilalba (Lugo)

10 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Plot 19,479 m2 | Built 16,300 m2 | Furnished | Garage

Wonderful galician pazo in villaba. The Pazo is located in a fantastic setting, 15 minutes from Villalba, 5 minutes drive from the Magdalena River crossing. It is 35 minutes from Lugo. At 5 minutes we have a mill of...

Villas in Lugo
790,000 €

Villa for sale in Becerreá (Lugo)

7 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Plot 16,030 m2 | Built 1,000 m2 | Furnished | Garage

Beautiful manor house in the municipality of becerreá bordering the jacobean route. Property in the municipality of Becerreá. Dream house, located just 5 minutes from Becerreá and with an entrance close to the A6 motorway. The...

Villas in Lugo
825,000 €

Villa for sale in Foz (Lugo)

3 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Plot 5,000 m2 | Built 427 m2 | Garage | Seaside Resort

Absolutely amazing house overlooking the whole coast of foz. Rarely does a property let you feel the power of the four elements like this marvel that is guarded by the force of the Cantabrian Sea...

Villas in Lugo
500,000 €

Villa for sale in Pantón (Lugo)

5 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Plot 4,200 m2 | Built 522 m2 | Furnished | Garage | On golf-course

FERREIRA. Beautiful pazo in the ribeira sacra in panton. If one can visualise a Pazo in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra, a few minutes walk from the Aguasasantas spa and a stone’s throw...

Villas in Lugo
425,000 €

Villa for sale in Castro de Rei (Lugo)

5 Bedrooms | 5 Bathrooms | Plot 4,000 m2 | Built 400 m2 | Furnished | Garage

Castro de Rey is a town in Lugo, located in Terra Cha in a quiet enclave and at a short distance from one of the most famous pre-Roman settlements in Galicia. Here you will find...

Villas in Lugo
1,490,000 €

Villa for sale in Taboada (Lugo)

10 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms | Plot 550,000 m2 | Built 3,020 m2 | Furnished | Swimming-pool | Garage

Great natural complex in ribeira sacra with 137 acres This is a natural complex of great beauty in the upper Galician Ribeira Sacra. In this wonderful corner of Lugo, many activities coexist in an orderly manner...

Villas in Lugo
450,000 €

Villa for sale in Lugo (Lugo)

6 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Plot 25,300 m2 | Built 1,000 m2 | Garage

HOMBREIRO. Magnificent pazo (manor house) xvi century in ombreiro only 6 km from lugo. This magnificent Pazo is situated in the middle of a forested 2.5 hectare walled estate. The estate has trees several hundred of years...

Villas in Lugo
1,100,000 €

Villa for sale in Pantón (Lugo)

10 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Plot 220,000 m2 | Built 900 m2 | Seaside Resort

FERREIRA DE PANTON. A 13th century manor house with 22 hectares of land with vineyards. This pazo has, as all Galician Pazos have, the noble coat of arms of the family that ran it and all...

Villas in Lugo
330,000 €

Villa for sale in Pantón (Lugo)

11 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Plot 5,000 m2 | Built 650 m2 | Furnished

FERREIRA. Marvelous manor house from the 18th century Ideal as a luxury b+b or hotel This property is part of the Ferreira de Panton Town Hall building, Lugo, in the centre of the town...

Villas in Lugo
800,000 €

Villa for sale in Viveiro (Lugo)

3 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Plot 1,250 m2 | Built 500 m2 | Furnished | Garage | Seaside Resort

COVAS. This beautiful villa is located in the area of Playa de Covas, just at the western end of the village of Vivero, Lugo. We are, therefore, in the capital of the Mariña Lucense...

Villas in Lugo
225,000 €

Villa for sale in Cervantes (Lugo)

Plot 6,000 m2 | Built 600 m2

Description This lovely property would make an absolutely fabulous hotel and is situated in the national park of the Ancares. The views are incredible with the palace dominating the surrounding countryside. The property has a...

Villas in Lugo
350,000 €

Villa for sale in Ourol (Lugo)

3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Plot 50,000 m2 | Built 1,500 m2 | Furnished | Garage | Seaside Resort

XERDIZ. This hamlet is a very special place. It is located in a wonderful and quiet valley, just 15 kilometres from Vivero on the coast of Lugo. The magnificent estate has an extension of 5 ha...

380,000 €

Villa for sale in Castro de Rei (Lugo)

5 Bedrooms | Plot 170,000 m2 | Built 610 m2

In the middle of Terra Chá, the forest of this farm, has been preserved for years and has centenary oaks and chestnut trees as well as being a natural refuge for local fauna. The property...

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