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Plot for Sale in Madrid (Madrid)  -  Ref.: 3373-04448

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Plot for Sale in Madrid


650,000 €

Metro 2 Total1,184 €


Total549 m2

District: Fuencarral - El Pardo.
Quarter: Peñagrande.


Plot area: 549 m2Street front width: 11.10 mZonal Standard: 8 in 4th GradeMinimum plot: 250 m2Separation to lateral boundaries: 3 mSeparation to boundary store: will be equal to or greater than 2H: 3 with a minimum of 4 m, with the value of H being the cornice height of the aforementioned bodies.Retrieval or alignment: 4mOccupation: 50%Buildable: 1x1 m2Floor height: You can not exceed the height of 3 floors, nor a cornice height of 1.050 centimetersThe construction of a plant with a maximum surface less than or equal to 10% of the surface built in the plant is allowed.Article 8815 Special conditions of the 3rd and 4th grades (N-1)one. Building in special regime of single-family housingtwo. Building in collective housingAs an alternative, residential use may be implemented in the category of collective housing, in buildings subject to the following conditions:a) The maximum number of dwellings shall not exceed the whole number that results from dividing the surface of the building plot by the minimum plot area established for the corresponding grade.b) The conditions of buildability, occupation, height and maximum number of floors above and below grade established for each degree of application are maintained in full.c) Each building must be inscribed in a circle with a diameter not exceeding 30 m and its façades shall not be longer than 20 m.d) The buildings will respect the separations to boundaries and setbacks to the official alignment determined for each grade.


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